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Why Is Aluminum In Deodorants Bad For You?

By now I'm sure you're familiar with the notion that aluminum found in many deodorants can lead to health issues such as breast cancer. This came about after a study done in the UK showed a possible link between certain ingredients and their concentration amounts in breast cancer tissues.

The study examined 20 tissue samples taken from breast cancer patient tumors. Scientist noted that there were unusually high concentrations of aluminum and paraben deposits in 18 of the samples. The sample location was taken from the upper chest area which is located in close proximity to the underarms.

Aluminum is known to have estrogen like effects in the human body. Estrogen has the ability to promote cancer growth.

However, one has to consider other factors when drawing conclusions from the study. As noted in a report by the National Cancer Institute, the source of aluminum and parabens were not confirmed to be from deodorants. Many common products contain both chemicals and there is no evidence to support that it came only or in part from underam deodorants. In addition, genetic and lifestyle habbits were not taken into account.

As an informational side note, aluminum salts are used as a method to control perspiration. They get dissolved by sweat and form a barrier over sweat glands. This prevents sweat from being released onto the surface of the skin. The theory of how it gets into the skin revolves around shaving the armpits. This action opens microabrasions in the skin and aluminum is absorbed through these openings.

The aluminum free deodorant market has grown in popularity because of this. Again, while there is no concrete evidence to support the deodorant cancer theory, it raises enough questions as to make people rethink their hygiene habits.

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