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A Natural Way To Fight Body Odor (and Breath Odor)

People are always on the lookout for the latest trends in the world of healthly living. Natural deodorants and natural ways to fight odor is usually at the top of the list. As health concerns grow over possible long term health effects caused by certain chemicals found in many popular deodorant and antiperspirants, people have started placing a greater importance on natural and healthy methods of keeping unwanted odor away.

There are several options to choose from. Deodorant companies are now producing roll on and spray deodorants/antiperspirants that do not contain harmful chemcials such as aluminum and parabens.

Another product ultilizes mineral salts to combat the stink. Crystal Rock is a popular choice as a safe and effective natural deodorant.

A third option are chlorophyll based products like Body Mint. First used in the 1940s and 1950s by doctors to treat odor caused from open wounds. It was then administered internally to colonoscopy patients to reduce fecal odor. Because of these observed odor reducing properties it found it's way into the commercial sector.

Many of the malodors that plague us stem from internal causes. Unlike topical odor products, chlorophyllin, a water soluble derivative of chlorophyll, works inside the body. It absorbs odor before it can be released.

As previously mentioned, another great benefit of using chlorophyllin based products is that because it works internally, it helps with bad breath odor in addition to body odor. For example, bad breath can be caused by what are known as volatile sulfur compounds.
These compounds are not necessarily related to poor hygiene. They can be found in many of the foods we eat every day. These compounds get absorbed in to the body and are released through openings such as the mouth. Chlorophyllin works to catch these odors before they are absorbed.

So, if finding a natural deodorant is on your to do list, here are a few examples of healthy options that are readily available. These methods have a solid following and one of them is sure to suite your needs.

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