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Body Mint: Low Carb Diet and Ketosis Breath

A popular dieting program is reducing or eliminating carbs from the diet. It can be quite effective for many people, but there are side effects to this eating habbit. One of the most common is a bad breath condition commonly referred to as ketosis breath. Because low carb diets require high protein foods such as meat, poultry, seafood and beans, the byproduct compounds of these chemcials become much more abundant in the body.

What compounds you might ask?

These food items which are high in protein are also high in things such as hydrogen sulfide, diallyl sulfide and trimethlyamine. These compounds often have the smell of sulfur or rotten fish.

Eating large amounts of foods high in these odor compounds will obviously lead to bad breath and even bad body odor. Brushing doesn't really help since these odors originate from within the body.

The compounds are absorbed in the GI tract and dispersed throughout the body (blood and organs). They are emitted through openings such as the skin and moth. In the lungs, these compounds are exhaled as you breath.

One great solution to preventing ketosis breath is Body Mint. It's active chlorophyllin formula works by absorbing these odor causing compounds before they are emitted through skin openings.

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