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Beware! Stinky Foot Odor

Ever take go to take your shoes off and people around you start to vacate the premises? Do you notice that when you walk into an Asian establishment were it's customary to remove your footwear, that they tend to make an exception just for you? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, chances are that you have a stinky foot issue.

Don't be alarmed or embarrassed. Foot odor is a growing concern among many people young and old. In fact I saw on a recent survey that the number of people concerned about stinky feet jumped 8% from 2012. The reason could be due to a variety of factors including lifestyle changes, cultural changes, a diversified social economic layout and perhaps maybe people are just tired of putting up with it. Who knows. Whatever the case may be, there has definitely been a greater awareness on the problem of stinky feet.

In more recent times there have been all types of products released for foot odor. Back in the day your option was pretty much a powder. Now they have powders, sprays, inserts, pills and even foot deodorant. They come in a variety of scents, strengths and colors... it can actually be quite confusing at times.

In addition, footwear itself has evolved. Now you can find sweat guard socks, ventilated shoes, things made of different materials designed to keep your feet cool and dry and a host of other options.

Whatever the case may be, the cause of stink foot odor has not changed and never will. Sweat, bacteria, diet and health. The big four. All play a role in foot odor and there are many things that can be done to alleviate issues caused by them. Proper hygiene, a balanced diet and maintaining your overall health helps to lessen the effects of these odor causing culprits. Foot deodorant products should not be used as a sole means of treating foot odor, but rather as part of an overall strategy. In addition, other practices to help reduce the effects of foot odor causes include not wearing covered footwear for more than 10hours per day as well as removing your shoes every few hours in between to allow your feet to cool. Others recommend that you don't wear the same shoes two days in a row.

Getting rid of foot odor the right way is a process of several things. I don't believe there is one true solution, but rather a combination of several things that target underlying causes.
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What Makes You Smell?

Body odor can be both an embarrassing and sneaky problem to have. More often than not we can't even smell our own stink, but those around us certainly can. This makes it difficult to know when you need another deodorant touch up, and waiting for people to wince in pain as you pass by probably isn't the best way to go about it. Since there is no body odor meter that you can use, instead it make sense to understand what causes it in order to take the necessary steps to prevent it.

There are several body odor causes that everyone should be aware of. The first and most common is bacteria. Bacteria literally cover us, both inside and out. This is normal and for the most part they live in a symbiotic relationship with us. One unfortunate side effect though is that they feed on proteins in our sweat and release odor compounds as waste. It's these things that cause body odor. Different bacteria actually produce different smells. For example, one type produces propionic acid while another type produces isovaleric acid. The former gives off a smell similar to that of vinegar, while the latter has an odor likened to cheese.

Another contributor to body odor is from our diet. Many foods we eat contain stinky compounds that get released when food is broken down in the body. These compounds get absorbed and circulated throughout the system. They eventually make their way out via sweat, openings in the skin as well as our mouth. One of the most notorious are volatile sulfur compounds. This refers to a group of sulfides that have a strong odor of eggs or ammonia. Foods that have high amounts of VSCs include garlic, onions, asparagus, meat, egg yolk and shellfish.

Indirect causes of body odor also include things that increase sweat production. For example, certain medications cause excess sweating as a side effect. Spicy foods, in addition to its high VSC content, also increase perspiration. Clothing and fabrics that restrict air flow also can indirectly affect body odor due to sweat.

As you can see, bacteria, sweat and food tend to be the primary body odor causes. Being aware and taking steps to limit their effects on the body in conjunction with deodorants and other preventative means will go a long way towards helping you stay fresh for longer periods of time.

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Why Is Aluminum In Deodorants Bad For You?

By now I'm sure you're familiar with the notion that aluminum found in many deodorants can lead to health issues such as breast cancer. This came about after a study done in the UK showed a possible link between certain ingredients and their concentration amounts in breast cancer tissues.

The study examined 20 tissue samples taken from breast cancer patient tumors. Scientist noted that there were unusually high concentrations of aluminum and paraben deposits in 18 of the samples. The sample location was taken from the upper chest area which is located in close proximity to the underarms.

Aluminum is known to have estrogen like effects in the human body. Estrogen has the ability to promote cancer growth.

However, one has to consider other factors when drawing conclusions from the study. As noted in a report by the National Cancer Institute, the source of aluminum and parabens were not confirmed to be from deodorants. Many common products contain both chemicals and there is no evidence to support that it came only or in part from underam deodorants. In addition, genetic and lifestyle habbits were not taken into account.

As an informational side note, aluminum salts are used as a method to control perspiration. They get dissolved by sweat and form a barrier over sweat glands. This prevents sweat from being released onto the surface of the skin. The theory of how it gets into the skin revolves around shaving the armpits. This action opens microabrasions in the skin and aluminum is absorbed through these openings.

The aluminum free deodorant market has grown in popularity because of this. Again, while there is no concrete evidence to support the deodorant cancer theory, it raises enough questions as to make people rethink their hygiene habits.

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Body Mint: Low Carb Diet and Ketosis Breath

A popular dieting program is reducing or eliminating carbs from the diet. It can be quite effective for many people, but there are side effects to this eating habbit. One of the most common is a bad breath condition commonly referred to as ketosis breath. Because low carb diets require high protein foods such as meat, poultry, seafood and beans, the byproduct compounds of these chemcials become much more abundant in the body.

What compounds you might ask?

These food items which are high in protein are also high in things such as hydrogen sulfide, diallyl sulfide and trimethlyamine. These compounds often have the smell of sulfur or rotten fish.

Eating large amounts of foods high in these odor compounds will obviously lead to bad breath and even bad body odor. Brushing doesn't really help since these odors originate from within the body.

The compounds are absorbed in the GI tract and dispersed throughout the body (blood and organs). They are emitted through openings such as the skin and moth. In the lungs, these compounds are exhaled as you breath.

One great solution to preventing ketosis breath is Body Mint. It's active chlorophyllin formula works by absorbing these odor causing compounds before they are emitted through skin openings.

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A Natural Way To Fight Body Odor (and Breath Odor)

People are always on the lookout for the latest trends in the world of healthly living. Natural deodorants and natural ways to fight odor is usually at the top of the list. As health concerns grow over possible long term health effects caused by certain chemicals found in many popular deodorant and antiperspirants, people have started placing a greater importance on natural and healthy methods of keeping unwanted odor away.

There are several options to choose from. Deodorant companies are now producing roll on and spray deodorants/antiperspirants that do not contain harmful chemcials such as aluminum and parabens.

Another product ultilizes mineral salts to combat the stink. Crystal Rock is a popular choice as a safe and effective natural deodorant.

A third option are chlorophyll based products like Body Mint. First used in the 1940s and 1950s by doctors to treat odor caused from open wounds. It was then administered internally to colonoscopy patients to reduce fecal odor. Because of these observed odor reducing properties it found it's way into the commercial sector.

Many of the malodors that plague us stem from internal causes. Unlike topical odor products, chlorophyllin, a water soluble derivative of chlorophyll, works inside the body. It absorbs odor before it can be released.

As previously mentioned, another great benefit of using chlorophyllin based products is that because it works internally, it helps with bad breath odor in addition to body odor. For example, bad breath can be caused by what are known as volatile sulfur compounds.
These compounds are not necessarily related to poor hygiene. They can be found in many of the foods we eat every day. These compounds get absorbed in to the body and are released through openings such as the mouth. Chlorophyllin works to catch these odors before they are absorbed.

So, if finding a natural deodorant is on your to do list, here are a few examples of healthy options that are readily available. These methods have a solid following and one of them is sure to suite your needs.

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